Sullivan County Comprehensive Housing Strategy

Read the Finalized Housing Strategy

The Comprehensive Housing Strategy was completed in September 2022 and adopted by the County Legislature in October 2022. See the links below to download and view the full document, or to view a public presention from August.

About the Project

Like other housing markets in the Catskills and Mid-Hudson, Sullivan County’s housing market has had a turbulent few years—pandemic homebuyers pushed home prices upward, the rental market partly froze under an eviction moratorium, and the inventory of available housing dropped sharply.

Even before the pandemic, though, the county was facing a series of housing challenges that remain largely intact in 2022. The declining physical condition of many single-family homes and rental properties, a shortage of appealing rental opportunities for working households, high property tax burdens on homes, many low-income renters who struggle to find and pay for decent housing, seniors unable to downsize to age-appropriate housing—these are just a few of the issues that pre-dated the pandemic and continue to influence the health of the housing market and the county’s economic prospects.

In light of these housing challenges, Sullivan County commissioned czbLLC— a national planning and housing consultancy—to analyze housing conditions and trends in the county, define unmet housing needs, and identify feasible strategies to support a stronger and healthier housing market. The work was informed by stakeholder interviews and an online open house and public survey.

The Sullivan County Comprehensive Housing Strategy started in April 2022 and was adopted by the County Legislature in October. It was guided by an advisory committee of local housing stakeholders and overseen by the Sullivan County Division of Planning and Community Development.

Project Open House

Visit the Online Open House page of this website to learn about housing issues that were identified during the planning process.

Public feedback through the open house survey was accepted through the beginning of August and was used in the development of the housing strategy.